Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, Released


Lucid Lynx has arrived. The release day was yesterday, though I’ve been running several systems on 10.04 since the alpha stage. It’s well done. I don’t yet have a use for the social networking tools/toys (the gwibber app and indicator-me gnome package), but I’m not unhappy with them either. The server image has been robust so far, but I haven’t thrown too much at it. I’m thinking of putting the netbook edubuntu version (à la the system 76 starling edubook ) on my older laptop to see how that flies.  Looks like fun.

Stanford folding@home and origami on Ubuntu

If you’d like an easy way to run folding to help the Folding@Home Stanford research project, even on a multicore system, ‘origami‘ may be a good soultion. I like it a lot.
It starts on boot-up automatically, can set folding to commence according to a schedule, allows project and stat checks from the command line, and even allows centrally administered group deployments (for example, to a lab full of machines). It does make laptops run pretty hot (as the CPU is engaged doing protein folding simulations), so I limit it to short bursts on laptops, but it can be a great tool to help in contributing to the folding project. You can also set origami to contribute to the TeamUbuntu folding project if you’re interested.